• create

    truly healthy hair resulting
    in fewer split ends and
    longer lasting hair color

  • nourish

    your hair and scalp with the age
    defying benefits of collagen

  • balance

    your scalp's pH and resolve
    issues like dandruff

  • restore

    scalp and hair health with
    gluten free, paraben free,
    natural products

Instead of masking scalp and hair issues, Eco Glam actually resolves them utilizing a gluten free, paraben free, natural Phased System that gently heals the scalp and repairs damaged hair without harsh chemicals, detergents or carcinogens.

The result: Soft, shiny hair with longer lasting color, fewer split ends and increased elasticity ensuing ultimate manageability...

Our Products


Eco Glam restores health to both the hair shaft and the hair's crucial F-layer, meaning that cuticles stay closed, resulting in fewer split ends (hair does not need to be trimmed as often) and the ability to prolong hair color up to six weeks.

Restore Hair Health

Eco Glam’s Phased System re-establishes scalp health by balancing the scalp’s pH which regulates normal bacteria, hormone and moisture levels; resolving issues like dandruff.


Clare age 33, Straight, medium length hair

“My hair looks and feels healthier than it ever has. And, I know it’s not just me that notices. My friends have noticed the healthy change in my hair and all began using Eco Glam. I really knew my hair looked amazing when I saw my mother for a first time in a few months, and the first thing she commented on was how great my hair looked…she wanted to start using the System immediately.”

Jacinda, age 30, straight, highlighted, medium length hair

"It's amazing how each product works together to create the healthiest, most beautiful hair I have ever had."