• create

    truly healthy hair resulting
    in fewer split ends and
    longer lasting hair color

  • nourish

    your hair and scalp with the age
    defying benefits of collagen

  • balance

    your scalp's pH and resolve
    issues like dandruff

  • restore

    scalp and hair and hair health with
    formaldehyde free, paraben free,
    gluten free, natural products


Is Eco Glam’s System really good for all hair types? Yes. Our products are composed of constructive ingredients (like protein and collagen) that, along with balanced pH levels, effectively restore and maintain scalp and hair health. Thus, our products are fabulous for all hair types; colored hair, curly hair, ethnic hair, graying hair, thin hair, thick hair, permed hair... As well as for those that experience scalp issues: dandruff, itchy scalp, oily scalp, dry scalp…

Why do you use aluminum packaging? It’s simple, aluminum is “more eco-friendly” than plastic, primarily due to the fact that the recycling process for plastic is less efficient than that of aluminum. Because of its molecule makeup, plastics are divided into seven different categories and have to be separated to be recycled. After plastic is recycled its molecular structure is compromised making it weaker when used to make new packaging, etc. Aluminum does not have to be separated to be recycled, it’s simple to melt down, and easy to remold to use again without compromising its properties. Unlike plastic, when aluminum is produced (either from new or recycled aluminum), it can be recycled over, and over, and over again.

Why do I have to shampoo twice? Yes, you should. Shampooing is for the scalp and conditioning is for the hair; so, shampooing twice is actually beneficial to your scalp health. The first shampoo cleanses your scalp of debris and oil, and the second shampoo balances your scalp’s pH level.

Why is there less lather during my first shampoo? This is completely normal. Eco Glam does not use heavy detergents. So, after the first shampoo has cleansed the debris and oil from your scalp, the second shampoo is able to penetrate the scalp further, lathering beautifully as it works to balance your scalp’s pH level.

What is the shelf-life of the Six Phase System? Lisa May Eco is natural and does not use synthetic preservatives. As a result, the System has a shelf life of six to eight months. If used properly, the System should be replaced every month to every other month.

How much conditioner should I use? This is determined by how long and thick your hair is. It’s a good idea to start with the same amount of conditioner that you used before Eco Glam. Please note: Hair, especially damaged hair, absorbs our conditioners rapidly. If it seems like your hair needs more conditioner, use more – your hair will thank you for it!


I just began using the Six Phase System; why does my hair feel dry? If your hair is severely damaged when starting the Six Phase System, you may not see immediate results. This is because your hair will go through a detoxification process. It may take a few weeks to rid your scalp and hair of previous detergent and chemical build-up. Eliminating build-up of product on the scalp allows Phase I (Shampoo) to balance its pH, resulting in healthier hair. The same is true of the hair shaft – build-up of chemicals will be removed and Phase I will begin replacing the chemicals in your hair shaft with protein and water. If you were using harsh shampoos and conditioners, or if you have over processed hair, your detox may take up to three weeks. However, if you were using gentle products previous to Eco Glam your detox will be minimal.

Why does my hair feel heavy and oily? Lisa May Eco’s Six Phase System does not have rinsing agents (these agents are harsh and can actually damage your scalp and hair); so, it is crucial that you take the time to thoroughly rinse the product from your scalp and hair. This means lifting your hair off the scalp and then rinsing clean. For further instruction please refer to the Video section of the web site and watch the “rinsing technique” instructional video.

When should I use Phases III, IV, V and VI? On days that you shampoo, you should use all Six Phases. On days that you do not shampoo, use Phases III, IV and V to keep your hair fresh, full and frizz free. These three products work well on wet and dry hair.

Do I have to use Phase V every day? It depends on how and what you do with your hair. Phase V prevents frizz and flyaways while encouraging curl or helping to straighten (depending upon on how you want to style your hair). It’s easy to overuse this Phase – start with a small dab on your hands. Rub your hands together and apply the product to the ends of your hair (to tame frizz near the top of your head, simply pat your hair with what’s left on your hands). Be sure to apply Phase V before using any heated styling aids (blow dryers, curling irons etc.). For further instruction please refer to the Video section of the web site and watch the “Phase V” instructional video.

Why does my hair feel a little gummy after I styled it? Most likely, it is the result of using too much of Phase V in your hair. For further instruction please refer to the Video section of the web site and watch the “Phase V” instructional video.