• create

    truly healthy hair resulting
    in fewer split ends and
    longer lasting hair color

  • nourish

    your hair and scalp with the age
    defying benefits of collagen

  • balance

    your scalp's pH and resolve
    issues like dandruff

  • restore

    scalp and hair and hair health with
    formaldehyde free, paraben free,
    gluten free, natural products

color treated hair

What does a color treatment do to your hair?

The outside surface of a healthy hair cuticle is covered by a protective, thin layer called the F-layer. This layer is found on the surface of your cuticle. Producing an effect like an umbrella, the F-layer is water repellent and protects the hair from damage while enabling your hair to maintain a healthy moisture balance. When your hair is color treated, the F-layer is stripped away leaving your hair susceptible to damage. Without the F-layer hair becomes porous; this is how it is able to absorb the chemicals necessary to obtain the desired color. The damage to the F-layer caused by color treating your hair will transform you hair from a smooth, calm strand to a course, jagged strand. Essentially, the strength of your hair is compromised.

We encourage you to bring Eco Glam’s Five Phase System with you to your appointments at your salon. Simply explain how the System works to your stylist and politely ask that they use the System to rinse the color out of your hair. This will prevent further damage to your hair.

How do you get your hair cuticle back to a healthy state post color?

It is pertinent that you care for color treated hair properly. To repair your hair, you will need to complete three to five consecutive treatments with Eco Glam’s Deep Conditioning Butter. The rice and jojoba proteins build a hygroscopic film on the hair that will retain moisture, add shine, strengthen and provide abrasion resistance – basically, the treatment will create a new "F-layer." After your hair is color treated it’s important to complete the use of Eco Glam’s Five Phase System as follows: After shampooing your hair (twice) with Phase I, condition with Phase II’s Deep Conditioning Butter, let it sit for five minutes and rinse. Repeat this procedure three to five times. This may seem time consuming, but repeating the conditioner three to five times in a row, after a color, calms the hair cuticle and establishes a new “F-layer” potentially prolonging your hair color an extra six weeks. Utilizing Phase III, IV and V will also aid in closing the hair cuticle down, leaving your hair feeling smooth, thick and healthy. 

colored hair tips
  • Exclusive use of Eco Glam’s Five Phase System is critical to maintaining your hair and scalp health. The System will repair your hair while adding shine and extending your color up to six weeks.
  • Color every four to six weeks. If you consistently use Eco Glam, you may be able to go up to 12 weeks between color treatments. (Not recommended if your hair is graying.)
  • Do not use harsh, inexpensive shampoos and conditioners after a color treatment. They will wash the color out of your hair and the ingredients will not support the needs of a damaged cuticle nor will they repair it.
  • Remember that eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables, proteins, fruits, vitamins, minerals and lots of water reflects the health of one’s hair.
  • Your body’s internal chemistry plays out in your hair as well as your skin. Keep in mind that hormones and stress, in addition to your diet, play a role in the health of your hair.
  • Avoid excess exposure to the sun; it will bleach-out color.