• create

    truly healthy hair resulting
    in fewer split ends and
    longer lasting hair color

  • nourish

    your hair and scalp with the age
    defying benefits of collagen

  • balance

    your scalp's pH and resolve
    issues like dandruff

  • restore

    scalp and hair and hair health with
    formaldehyde free, paraben free,
    gluten free, natural products


Jacinda, age 30, straight, highlighted, medium length hair

“Before this product line I mixed and matched products which made it difficult to tell exactly what product was and was not working in my hair. Now I am able to use one product line that works! Using Eco Glam takes the same amount of time my routine before, but the System is much easier because I know when to use each product and I love being able to use the same brand of product for everything. It’s amazing how each product works together to create the healthiest, most beautiful hair I have ever had. I am constantly amazed by Phase V’s [Hair Protector and Styling Aid] ability to hold curl without stiffness; I cannot achieve a natural curl look without this hair product.” 

Kim, age 39, straight, color treated, long hair

“My favorite aspect of this product line is the simple fact that I don’t have to shampoo every day, or even every other day for that matter. I can complete the Five Phase System just twice a week and my hair is cleaner, softer and more manageable than it’s ever been."

Susy, age 70, permed, short hair

“This is the best shampoo I’ve ever used.”

Mindy, age 27, curly, highlighted, medium length

“I have naturally curly hair and before using the Five Phase System my hair was frizzy, waxy and greasy. When I started Eco Glam my hair went through an intense two week detoxification process and now my hair is frizz free, soft and my curls are 100% better. With this product line my curls are more controlled; I actually have ringlets instead of kinks and the shine is much more apparent. I love Phase IV [Collagen Spray] because it solves my frizz issues…I actually carry it with me and use it throughout the day to freshen up my curls.”

Mary Ellen, age 54, thick, highlighted, medium length hair

“I have had a persistently itchy scalp for two years and have tried everything to alleviate it; nothing has truly worked. After one use of Eco Glam, the itch began to subside. After a few more uses, the itch was gone. Now, I use the System exclusively…I even bring it with me to my stylist when my hair is highlighted.”

David, age 27, straight, short hair

“I use the shampoo on my hair and my entire body. The shampoo has completely cleared up my breakouts. I will never go back to another shampoo.”

Clare, age 33, straight, medium length hair

“My hair looks and feels healthier than it ever has. And, I know it’s not just me that notices. My friends have noticed the healthy change in my hair and all began using Eco Glam. I really knew my hair looked amazing when I saw my mother for a first time in a few months, and the first thing she commented on was how great my hair looked…she wanted to start using the System immediately.”

"It's amazing how each product works together to create the healthiest, most beautiful hair I have ever had."
- Jacinda